Yes I was a Madam and 7 signs you are ready to Disrupt Your Old Life!

Episode 1

Are you ready to Ignite Your New Life? Ready to find your passion? Then you may be a Disruptor!  CEO, Author and Relationship and Dating Coach Renessa Guerrero comes from humble beginnings from being homeless as a child to starting an escort service at the age of 18 with her boyfriend to buying a strip club in Phoenix and being a Madam for 6 years with over 40 women working for her until being arrested at 9 months pregnant with her daughter. Thankfully due to her great attorney's and paying $300,000 no charges were filed. She started all over from the ground up and bought a night club in Seattle and became the only female night club owner.  She felt a calling to help singles find love and became a certified dating and relationship coach helping thousands of singles find love. 
She felt that there was more to life than the one she was living and became a Disruptor! Check out if you match the signs of a Disruptor especially if you are ready to change your struggle and you have a vision for more!


I Surrender Being A Control Freak!
Ignite Your New Life To Survive Quarantine Life!

Episode 2

Renessa Guerrero shares her vulnerable side of surrendering to being a control freak and creating a life connected to her true self. Expect to learn new ways to experience law of attraction, inner child healing and manifesting so it lasts! Go to and join our inspirational community. 
Let's talk about your part in the New Earth!


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