How Important Is Community With The CORONAVIRUS?

I have been getting this nudge for about a year now to create a community. I didn't know what it was for and who it was to serve. I ask my higher self and guides to give the name of my community and in June of 2019, I was told Disruptors Unite.

I am a big follower of signs. Everything speaks to me so I when I was designing my logo with my Homie and fellow Disruptor Adrian Sims, I had to put 1111 in it.

It is my beacon to others that know the synchronicities of life or those are just beginning to see how everything is perfectly divine - even in the chaos!

Today is Monday, March 16, 2020. My daughter's school has closed for two weeks along with my University I am attending here in Glendale Arizona.

I can feel our nations cry for the answers to the unknown. Families are losing their jobs, hospitals are overcrowded, people are dying, our children are being withdrawn from their everyday lives and our grocery stores are becoming emptier by the minute.

I feel this is the nudge that I have been waiting for from Spirit to show how important it is for community. How are we going to grow from this situation if we are experiencing this alone?

We grow stronger with each other. To know what is happening with our family, friends and neighbors. Reaching out and asking if they are okay and how are they feeling in these times.

Talking about our fears and worries gives us the freedom to express and move the emotions versus it sitting and dwelling in secret spaces for us to become more overwhelmed, stressed and anxiety-filled.

I believe we can change that and I am here to help lead that way with my fellow disruptors by my side.

Now is the time to reach out and disrupt the society and social norms and create your own internal calmness in this storm!

If you feel ready to disrupt and want to align with a community that is ready to support, encourage, inform and heal ourselves and the ones we love then join us! We need you!

Please go to our member page and become a Disruptor and Unite with your community!

Once you become a Disruptor, I will give you a free download of my 5 Secrets To Become A Disruptor To Activate The Life You Desire!

See you in the Disruptor Community!

Be Bold And Follow Your Internal Compass To Your Truth In Everything You Do,

Renessa Strong

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